About Us.

Based in North Carolina, USA, Clear Thought Solutions specializes in staffing, design, development, and maintenance of high-end business-enabling IT systems.

We skillfully bridge the gap between your business needs and the professional experts perfectly suited for them. Whether your goals are to reduce customer response times and operating costs, or increase revenue, CTS does more than just give business advice. Our consultants help implement long-term and sustainable changes that provide tangible business improvements and a strong return on investment to your software investments.

Promoted by various highly experienced technocrats associated with some of the Top 10 Fortune 500 companies, we deliver expert IT staffing solutions focused on software selection, program management, business process improvement, and organizational change management related to ERP, database, and web technologies.

Our Missions

Help our clients thrive by providing them with exceptional human and technological resources.

Client-Centric Approach

Aiming to truly work as our clients’ reliable partners by always putting their interests first and striving to work as an extension of their very own team.

Focus on Quality

Delivering quality solutions to our clients by hiring, grooming, and retaining the top cream of professionals has always been our priority.

Long Term Vision

Serving our clients for the long haul and adapting to the ever-changing market by adapting clear strategy, foresight, and vision for the future.

Create Tangible Results

Help clients not just control running costs but create measurable business results that translate to hard dollars and a positive ROI.

Our Core Values

Ideas that fuel us to outperform

Client-Focused Delivery

Delivering value and impact to our clients is always our top-most priority.

Leading by Example

We walk the talk. By implementing various innovative practices, we always strive to emerge as the thought leaders in our industry.


Always staying true to our word and delivering on our commitments- That's just how we do business.


Develop long-term relationships with our clients, employees and partners that are built on the foundations of mutual trust and transparency.

Defined By Our People

Over the years, we have helped clients across various sectors find the right talent and resources to grow their businesses.


Years of serving clients across the US


Clients served across High-Tech Finance, Retail, and Healthcare industries


Consultants placed across the US

To help our clients that view us as their reliable, long-term partners thrive, we are constantly reinventing ourselves to meet their challenging needs.

We take pride in providing the best technical and cost-effective solutions that leverage the knowledge and expertise of our consultants to ensure that our client’s challenges are successfully addressed.