Application Maintenance

Redirect your efforts towards new innovations by having dedicated experts work on the maintenance and support of your existing systems
Regular maintenance is crucial for the smooth functioning and protection of your app. It also plays a key role in keeping the customers engaged and offering them a seamless user experience.
At CTS, we offer on-demand, cost-effective app maintenance services. With a comprehensive approach, these services utilize our expert knowledge and provide you with extensive support on all the levels- This includes everything from bug fixing and enhancement to upgrades and emergency maintenance.


CTS is not just a supplier or a vendor but we are your partners. We compliment you and complete you in letting you run your core business. Our people get involved and care for your success as defined by yourself. From the very beginning, our efforts will be directed towards solving your problems and helping you reach your business objectives in the most optimal way.

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Business Partner, Hospitality

Great communication, consistently providing strong candidates.

Great team to partner with – great communication and a passion for excellence. They have made a huge impact on our staffing situation… They consistently provide us with strong candidates.

Hr. Business Partner, Manufacturing

Great partnership.

A great partnership: open communication and receptive to feedback – both on processes and candidates.

Hr Grneralist, Benefits Administration Services

CTS takes the time to understand us.

Our CTS representatives are always on top of our evolving business. They take time to understand our needs continuously, even as we change.

Operations Manager, Shipping & Logistics

CTS has provided staff that works well with [our team] and fits well with the rest of the government staff.

Program Management at an IT, Scientific, and Engineering Services Firm

CTS has always done an outstanding job placing team members within our organization’s various workgroups.

Vice President at a Financial Services Company