Managed Service

Delegate the testing, maintenance, repairing, monitoring, etc. of your applications to the pros so that you and your team can focus on new avenues

Outsource the day-to-day responsibilities and functions of your firm to experts in order to improve operations and cut expenses. From proactive responses to 24×7 support, CTS offers extensive assistance from a team of professionals to have you covered on an everyday basis.

At CTS, we offer skilled Managed Services that are based on an enterprise-driven strategy. This lets you focus on your core business as we ensure that your applications function seamlessly.


By finding you highly skilled go-getters who not fit into the role but also complement your business culture and ethos, we go above and beyond in order to cater to your exact needs. Our team of recruitment experts can easily partner with all types of organizations across industries to find you talented individuals or even a team within the shortest time possible.

Everyday Operations Made Easy

We are the one-stop solution to all your day-to-day operational needs

Streamlining Your Contingent Workforce

As a Managed Service Provider, we employ various filters such as service quality, performance-based tiering, working process, etc. to find you a consistent and reliable workforce. We also deploy a centralized management strategy in order to ensure that you and your contingent workforce are always on the same page for optimal results.

Supply Chain Managed Services

Our procurement and supply chain services offer global expertise and resources to manage all your supply chain needs extending across the globe for a multitude of product types. By harbouring our strong vendor relationships with the best IT vendors, we ensure that the sourced equipment is available as and when you need it.

Demand Management and Planning

We ensure that your firm's requirements are met equally well during the slowest and busiest business times. Through extensive planning with the vendors, we can always keep up with the expected or unexpected rises in demands and the subsequent scaling during peak times.

Our Other Offerings Under Staffing


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Business Partner, Hospitality

Great communication, consistently providing strong candidates.

Great team to partner with – great communication and a passion for excellence. They have made a huge impact on our staffing situation… They consistently provide us with strong candidates.

Hr. Business Partner, Manufacturing

Great partnership.

A great partnership: open communication and receptive to feedback – both on processes and candidates.

Hr Grneralist, Benefits Administration Services

CTS takes the time to understand us.

Our CTS representatives are always on top of our evolving business. They take time to understand our needs continuously, even as we change.

Operations Manager, Shipping & Logistics

CTS has provided staff that works well with [our team] and fits well with the rest of the government staff.

Program Management at an IT, Scientific, and Engineering Services Firm

CTS has always done an outstanding job placing team members within our organization’s various workgroups.

Vice President at a Financial Services Company