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5 Things an Expert DevSecOps Consultant Can Help You With

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With DevOps, organizations have been successful at developing customized business applications swiftly. Effectively, the DevOps approach succeeded in breaking down “silos” between development, testing, and operations teams.

On the flip side, “traditional” DevOps has not prioritized the security aspect in its best practices. Therefore, the DevSecOps (Development-Security-Operations) approach is growing in popularity among application developers.

The global market for DevSecOps is expected to grow to $17.24 billion by the year 2028, up from $2.79 billion in 2020. As application security becomes more critical, we are witnessing organizations moving from DevOps to an integrated DevSecOps environment. In fact, as per the Gitlab 2022 Global DevSecOps Survey, 42% of the teams are practicing DevSecOps.

However, despite the many benefits, companies find it challenging to switch to the DevSecOps mode. To that end, can a qualified DevSecOps consultant help you make this transition? Let’s find out.

5 Ways an Expert DevSecOps Consultant Can Help

In principle, DevSecOps is like DevOps. The only difference is that DevSecOps integrates the security element in the planning and development stages of the application. An expert DevSecOps consultant can help you understand the various complexities of cloud-based security and how to implement security.

Here are five capabilities that expert DevSecOps consultants can help you with:

1. Efficient Optimization

Product development companies want to avoid deployment-related problems in their production environment. Hence, they have adopted methodologies like continuous integration (CI) along with continuous deployment (CD). 

A DevSecOps consultant (or engineer) is responsible for the efficient optimization of every development process. They ensure that every process is running optimally, saving both time and cost. 

Additionally, a DevSecOps consultant can help you by:

  • Recommending the best DevSecOps tools for your development process.
  • Developing and deploying high-quality code into the cloud infrastructure.
  • Maintaining the CI/CD process at optimum levels.

2. Enhanced Security

Companies often lack adequate knowledge of cybersecurity challenges and compliance requirements.

A DevSecOps consultant can lead a cultural shift in how development companies address their online security threats. They can help in setting up a DevSecOps environment designed to:

  • Analyze and identify code vulnerabilities in smaller chunks throughout the development cycle.
  • Comply with data security and privacy regulations like GDPR and PCI-DSS and prepare for regular audits.
  • Identify potential threats following each product update, and report these threats earlier in the development cycle.
  • Analyze new and unknown vulnerabilities and how to respond to them.

Additionally, DevSecOps consultants can help in the regular training of employees and IT engineers on the latest security practices.

3. Automation

96% of users believe that their organizations can benefit by automating their security and compliance processes. Nearly 47% of teams affirm that they have entirely automated testing in 2022 (up from 25% reported in 2021).

More organizations look at automation tools to integrate their development and operations teams and deliver high-quality products quickly and efficiently. With DevSecOps consultants, organizations can look to:

  • Automate their manual processes, thus reducing human error and time.
  • Increase the efficiency of their workflows between development and the operations teams.
  • Apply the best security practices through container orchestration and virtualized environments.
  • Integrate security standards in the development environment.

4. Faster Deliveries and Lower Costs

With automation tools and security practices, DevSecOps consultants can improve the delivery rate of applications at reduced costs. Through efficient team collaboration, DevSecOps consultants provide multiple benefits like:

  • Faster time-to-market
  • Increase in ROI
  • Continuous releases and deployments
  • Faster detection and correction of application flaws (early in the development phase) — thus enabling faster product releases.

Effectively, development companies can focus on building high-quality applications and earning revenues. Your DevSecOps consultant can take care of the security and delivery aspects.

5. Enabling Change management

Effective change management is not just about users submitting their code changes quickly and efficiently. It is also about how agile organizations can respond faster to business changes and market dynamics. 

In software companies, change management is often associated with lengthy and manual approval processes, which take up too much time. On the other hand, DevOps is all about a continuous and iterative approach that centers around speed and efficiency.

DevSecOps consultants help in enabling change management through various practices, including:

  • Setting up the right practices and processes for fast and safe deployment of changes.
  • Upgrading a legacy system or network infrastructure.
  • Installing a new and innovative tool.
  • Implementing the latest technology across the organization.

What services do DevSecOps consultants from Clear Thought Solution offer their customers, and how do they benefit from them? Let’s discuss them next.

DevSecOps Services from Clear Thought Solutions

Be it a simple or complex project, DevSecOps consultants from Clear Thought Solutions specialize in accurately evaluating and implementing their DevSecOps programs. With our expertise, you can integrate security into build, development, testing, and automation activities.

Here are some benefits of using our DevSecOps expertise:

  • Enhanced application security in every phase of software development
  • Extensive industry experience in implementing successful DevSecOps initiatives
  • Improved time-to-market for applications
  • Modernization of existing legacy systems and applications
  • Automatic cloud deployment for applications and workloads
  • A faster shift towards cloud-native applications

We have facilitated many organizations to adopt an efficient DevSecOps culture and customize their CI/CD framework to address their customer needs. Our processes are designed for implementing continuous automation in your organization.


With an integrated DevSecOps environment, companies can quickly build cloud applications and secure them from external threats at every step. An experienced DevSecOps consultant is just the partner you need to move from DevOps to a DevSecOps environment.

At Clear Thought Solutions, we provide the best of DevSecOps experts who can understand your business requirements and recommend the best way forward. 

Planning to take your DevOps approach to the next level? We can help you. Contact us today with your requirements.